1982LONG1983SHORT1984SHORT1985SHORT1986SHORT1987SHORT1988SHORT1989SHORT1990LONG1992SHORT1993SHORT1994SHORT1995SHORT1996SHORT1997SHORT1998SHORT1999SHORT2000LONG2001SHORT2002SHORT2003SHORT2004SHORT2005SHORT2006SHORT2007SHORT2008SHORT2009SHORT2010LONG2011SHORT2012SHORT2013SHORT2014SHORT2015SHORT2016SHORTThe first SouveränIn 1982, the "Souverän M400", a renewal of the model 400 was launched and Pelikan began to live up to earlier successes. Both fountain pens were identical from the outside, merely the ink feed and the mechanism slightly differed from each other.It was at this time that a revival of writing with fountain pens took place, not necessarily in everyday situations, but for writing personal letters, for placing signatures and as a status symbol. This was expressed by the corresponding models. 91552https://www.pelikan.com/pulse/Pulsar/en_US.FWI.displayShop.93680./souveraen-black-green