Precious Transparency

The special edition Demonstrator M1005 elates people all over the world with its unique size and its translucent barrel.

When Pelikan registered the patent for the differential piston mechanism in 1929, nobody knew that the same technique would survive for decades. But to this day, only a few small changes have perfected the piston mechanism, and the Demonstrator model, which was first introduced in a smaller size just to show how it works, became a global success. Technically minded people are fascinated to see the mechanism "in action" every time they refill their fountain pen. And so Pelikan has decided to launch this Special Edition, the Demonstrator in the size 1005, which is the biggest available Pelikan fountain pen size. For technically inclined handwriting enthusiasts the special Demonstrator range displays great love of detail: all elements of the fountain pen, crafted in transparent high grade resin are visible.

The nib is made from 18-carat gold and completely coated with rhodium, so that it gives the impression of a silver-plated nib. The clip and rings are made from noble metal and then palladium-plated. The manufacture of the transparent housing requires almost clinical clean room conditions to ensure that no coloured particles come into contact with the transparent material.

The body of this outstanding fountain pen displays perfect proportions for maximum writing comfort. Reliable functionality and elegant design make it another masterpiece from Pelikan for the hand of the writer.

Each fountain pen is packed inside an attractive gift box with a transparent lid.

This unusual fountain pen is handmade in Germany and will be available in April 2011. For further information please visit

Demonstrator M1005