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Prix "red dot design" pour la boîte cadeau ronde de Pelikan

Grand succès pour Pelikan

La boîte cadeau ronde de Pelikan pour instrument de haute écriture a convaincu le jury du "red dot design award" dans la catégorie conception de produit. Dans un processus d'évaluation qui a duré plusieurs jours, les 30 membres du jury ont convenu de donner à l'étui cadeau "G16" de Pelikan la très convoitée "mention honorable" qui est attribué aux produits qui offrent des solutions particulièrement réussis dans les moindres détails.

In glowing celebration of the highest craftsmanship

The “Fire” Limited Edition from the Pelikan company fulfils the highest demands in respect of high quality materials and artistic design.

Perfectly timed for the hot season, the long-established Pelikan company is bringing some fire of its own to the desk: the “Fire” Limited Edition writing instrument, the third fountain-pen in the “Achievements of civilisation” series, will make the hearts of collectors and devotees of elegant penmanship beat faster.

Spanish flair with Pelikan

Another Spanish style work of art: Pelikan expands its Toledo range with the sunshine yellow Special Edition Toledo M 710 yellow.

Since 1931, the Pelikan company has used the intricate Spanish art of damascening to produce exclusive fountain pens. The premium Toledo range will be expanded by another colour highlight this summer: the Special Edition Toledo M 710 yellow will bring a touch of Spanish sun to your desk.

Seven crystal treasures

Pelikan’s new Edelstein Ink Collection features a precious vial, new inks and a special formulation.

When it comes to manufacturing ink, virtually no company has a longer history than Pelikan, whose first price list goes back to 1838. With experience spanning more than 170 years, the Hanoverian company has now created a new ink collection which is special in every respect.