Seven crystal treasures

Pelikan’s new Edelstein Ink Collection features a precious vial, new inks and a special formulation.

When it comes to manufacturing ink, virtually no company has a longer history than Pelikan, whose first price list goes back to 1838. With experience spanning more than 170 years, the Hanoverian company has now created a new ink collection which is special in every respect.

Thanks to the care applied in its research and development laboratories and its own production facilities in Germany, Pelikan guarantees highest quality and superior writing comfort: a special constituent of the new dye-based ink ensures a smooth writing sensation and also maintains the fountain-pen from within.

The 50ml vial is cast from solid Italian glass. The high quality gloss and the colour diversity of the inks inspired the name Edelstein Ink Collection. Six new colours are available, in addition to black (onyx) - sapphire (blue), topaz (purple-blue), jade (light green), aventurine (green), mandarin (orange) and ruby (dark red). The modern design is perfect for any desk, whether in a manager’s office or on an antique davenport at home.

In the age of reproducibility a handwritten letter holds a new significance, and signatures are given a distinctive vitality by a special ink. Anyone who wishes to celebrate the art of writing will make the right choice with a vial from the Edelstein Ink Collection.

Pelikan’s Edelstein Ink Collection in a precious 50ml vial is available in shops from August 2010, at 12.90 Euros each.

Edelstein Ink