Zodiac signs
Aquarius 01/21 - 02/19
Aquarius: 01/21 - 02/19

Astro Series: Decorate white tiles with signs of the zodiac.

Aquarius: 01/21 - 02/19

Astro Series: Decorate white tiles with signs of the zodiac using Pelikan PLAKA


In each edition of teachers' info we are presenting one of the signs of the Zodiac. Alongside of the original idea we are providing a complete set of templates. The motif of your choice can be copied exactly or used to develop your own ideas. Just download the templates from the Internet. 

This is what you need:
A white tile (D-I-Y shop), Pelikan PLAKA in various shades of blue (e.g. blue green/turqoise blue), Pelikan PLAKA-Lack metallic blue and Pelikan water-based clear varnish, brushes in the sizes (2, 3, 12), toothpick, a sheet of Pelikan carbon paper Handifilm 205 for transferring the motif to the painted tile.


  1. Sprinkle the tile with the green PLAKA paint keeping the different shades slightly apart. By diluting the PLAKA slightly beforehand with water the shades will run better.

  2. Tip the tile in different directions so that the paint runs and the shades mix. Once you have made an attractive pattern, leave the tile to dry. This method produces amazing colour progressions which encourage experimenting.

  3. Once the tile is dry, paint the edge of the tile with PLAKA-Lack Metallic blue to create a "frame". By the way, a wavy edge makes a more dynamic impression.

  4. Transfer the Aquarius motif to the tile using the Pelikan film carbon, Handifilm 205.

  5. Using a toothpick, scratch the outline of the motif out of the PLAKA coating, using the same method for larger areas. Paint the Aquarius motif in Pelikan PLAKA-Lack Metallic blue.

  6. Coat the whole tile with Pelikan water-based varnish. By doing this, your artwork will be protected from abrasion.

    Important: with a thick hair brush (Gr. 12) carefully go once over the whole surface so that the paint does not disolve.


Overview of the painting templates:

complete template

script and symbol

only the script