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Fireworks for the fox
The game

The game based on the book "Fireworks for the fox" by Sven Nordqvist.

Fireworks for the fox - The game

Pettersson, Findus & Co. Special

The game based on the book "Fireworks for the fox" by Sven Nordqvist:

You need the Pettersson figures for this game.

Findus knallt!

  1. To begin with, each child should make one of the featured characters. Each child should choose its favourite figure and make it.
  2. Now the story "Fireworks for the fox" is read out loud. Make short breaks allowing the children to play the story using the figures.



  1. To begin with, the story "Fireworks for the fox" is read out loud. During which the beautiful accompanying pictures to the story are shown.
  2. After finishing reading the story, let the children make their own "Spooky sheets".
  3. To do so, print out the figures in this edition of Teachers info and copy them onto a piece of cloth sized 1.50 x 1.00 metres (approx. half a bed sheet).
  4. The characters can now be drawn on the material using Pelikan's special fabric colouring pens. It is advisable to place some paper underneath the material whilst colouring, as the intensive colours could otherwise smudge the surface underneath the sheet.
  5. If the weather is nice outside, the children can then play the story outdoors. One child should be dressed as the "Spooky sheet".
  6. Now all of the children are to hide. The child dressed as the Spooky sheet can then sneak up and find them.
    A good time for all small Pettersson fans!
A kid dressed as the spooky sheet.

Now all of the other children go hide. After waiting for a while, the spooky sheet makes its way to find the others and scare them. All of the children really enjoyed the game.


All rush to hide from the spooky sheet. The Sheet searches for the others waiting to pounce. After the strenuous game, the Spooky sheet takes a break on a garden chair.