Zodiac signs
Pisces 02/20 - 03/20
Pisces: 02/20 - 03/20

Signs of the Zodiac created with Pelikan PLAKA Paint on various materials.

Pisces: 02/20 - 03/20

New: Signs of the Zodiac - Signs of the Zodiac created with Pelikan Paint on various materials.


Greetings card, painted tile, tile with serviette technique

For the card you will need:
coloured card (blue), scissors, Pelikan PLAKA Paint including the shades gold and silver, a fine paint brush, foam rubber.

Here's what you do:
Cut the card to the size needed. We would like to show you 2 different ways to do this:

Simple folded card

  1. Cut the card to double the size of the area to be decorated.
  2. Fold the card in the middle.

Card with window

  1. Cut the card to DIN A5 size. Fold in the middle to a card.
  2. Now cut a window in the front of the card (see sketch). Fix your chosen motif behind the window.

The creation of a motif:

  1. With the fine brush, paint wavy lines in gold on the blue background of the card. You could also paint the dates for Pisces.
  2. Cut the shape of a fish out of the foam rubber, cover it with PLAKA Paint, press it carefully on the card to leave an impression.


For the tile you will need:

  • A white tile (Do-it-yourself Centre),
  • Pelikan PLAKA Paint in blue, light-blue,
  • silver lacquer and Clear Varnish,
  • paint brushes in various sizes (2, 3, 10 and 12).
  • For the tile with serviette technique you will also need a serviette with fish motif and a tooth pick.


  1. Coat the tile with the blue paints in a wavy pattern.
  2. With the silver lacquer paint a 0,5 cm wide frame around the tile. A wavy frame creates a more dynamic picture.
  3. If you have already cut the fish shapes from the foam rubber to make a card, use these again to decorate the tile. (How about using silver paint?).
  4. Let the tile dry well then coat with the Clear Varnish.

Serviette Technique

  1. Cut the fish motif out of the serviette and fix to the tile using Pelikan Clear Varnish.
  2. The surrounding area should be painted blue.
  3. Scrape out the dates for Pisces or the chosen text with the tooth pick.
  4. Also scrape out the little fish in the top right-hand corner.
  5. Finish off with a coat of Clear Varnish to protect the tile from physical damage.