Exclusive Gift Ideas for Every Taste and Occasion

For more than 175 years, Pelikan has been producing paint and, in corollary, reliable writing instruments. We have a long successful tradition of combining high-quality functionality with elegant design, and create exclusive products for sophisticated customers. Pelikan offers you gift ideas for every taste and occasion. In an attractive compilation we present to you the recommendations of our employees. No matter if you are looking for a gift for your spouse, for the anniversary to congratulate a long time colleague, or you want to delight an admirer of the fine arts – our gift ideas offer you attractive suggestions, and forward you to suitable products.

This Is How Simple You Can Find the Suitable Gift for the Very Special Person

In our category "gift ideas", you simply choose the respective relationship status, and directly receive the suitable gift suggestion from our exclusive "fine writing" area. Even more, you find out why the suggested gift is especially suitable. Your benefit: Should the color not respond to the particular person’s preferences, you know immediately what area of our product range to look into more closely. Numerous Pelikan collections distinguish themselves, amongst other benefits, through variations in shape, color, or type of writing instrument. Whoever is looking for that certain something for loved ones, friends and long-standing colleagues, can find the necessary inspiration with our gift ideas. Focus in style on exclusive gifts for the respective occasion.

Surprise Esteemed Persons with Exclusiveness From Pelikan

It does not always have to be roses or boxes of chocolates. Apart from high-quality writing instruments, such as fountain pens, rollerball pens or ballpoint pens, at Pelikan you can also find high-quality leather casings, or exclusive ink collections in gemstone colors and stylish bottles, under the section "fine writing". Show creative spontaneity and surprise an esteemed person with singular products. With the right gift idea from Pelikan you show your neighbor how highly you esteem him. See for yourself – but be careful, fine writing is contagious, you may also be enchanted by the magical products…