Fine Writing Newsletter 09/2017

Fine Writing Newsletter 09/2017


The night of Friday, 22nd September 2017, all over the world more than 3,600 Pelikan fans met as one. There were 1,000 participants more than in the previous year, truly amazing. And the enthusiasm is stronger than ever!


But how to describe this evening to a person who asks for it? This is a try: This evening offers true treasures for everyone: for everybody who already visited the Pelikan Hubs event before, it is a reunion of soul mates. Precious writing instruments are shown, written and discussed. And for everybody who visits the Pelikan Hubs for the first time, the impressions are a blast that you have to experience by yourself. The passion and enthusiasm of the Pelikan fans, no matter how many years of experience they have, let your heart beat even faster.


We would like to say Thank you to all Pelikan fans, who made this evening unforgettable! Great to have you and thank you again, that you give us the opportunity to share your passion worldwide! We are already looking forward to meeting again in 2018, the year of Pelikan’s 180th anniversary


Within the next days we will send you a wrap up with impressions of Pelikan Hubs from all over the world. Just a short time to wait.


Warm regards

Your Pelikan Hubs team from Hanover