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This month at Pelikan it is all about typical national colours. - by this, the colours on a countries flag are meant.

A Halloween fit pumpkin carvers.

In this edition of Pelikan's Teacher Info we are offering various patterns to download. These can be placed over a pumpkin and then be cut out. These will make sure that you are well protected from demons on October 31st.

A New Role for my Shoe

Especially for pupils, shoes are important because of the impression they make on others. They represent the need for recognition. The perception of a shoe can suddenly change once they have been given a new look. A shoe turns for example, into an aeroplane, a car, a house, or a ship.

A terrifying paper dragon!

This month we would like to present another dragon which is very easy for your pupils to make.

A Vase Made Of Tetra Packaging

We would like to show you a special idea made of tetra packaging for working with all purpose glue.

Acoustic Memory

The memorising of sounds is a real challenge for children: which shakers make the same sound because they have been filled with the same material?

Aleatoric Art

The Pelikan Color Theory covers profound, theoretical fundamental principles, along with a wide range of practice.

All-purpose angel

This angel is a real sensation. Despite its simple construction, it offers many different application possibilities: It can be used as a nice Christmas decoration in general, it can show the name of its owner as a place card on the table and it can even be hung up on the Christmas tree.

Andy Goldsworthy - "Land Art I"

"Land Art" is a form of art that emerged in the 1960's, the crucial idea being working in and with nature."Seeing, feeling, the material, the location and the form are all intrinsically tied up in the development of my work" wrote Andy Goldsworthy, the Land Artist.

Andy Goldsworthy - "LandArt II"

With this extension of Pelikan K12 - The Original we would like to present more pupils' works which have been painted on the basis of our first article concerning Andy Goldsworthy's land art.

Antique effect

Handicrafts: Antique effect with PLAKA Lacquer and white Plaka

Aquarius: 01/21 - 02/19

Astro Series: Decorate white tiles with signs of the zodiac.