Unique Collection 2014: Feathers

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No 7: Feathers

The feathers on this motif refer to the phoenix, which is a considered to be a sacred bird according to Chinese mythology. The feathers are often used for decoration or as a symbol when telling a magic story in Japan and East Asia. Tiny particles made of gold and shellfish glimmer in the feathers, turning this pen into an extraordinary piece of art. This fountain pen was painted using the Togidashi-Maki-e technique.

The Togidashi-Maki-e technique

In this technique, the rare Japanese lacquer Urushi is applied in a multitude of layers which are polished many times. The design is drawn first with tracing paper and then with colored lacquer onto the surface of the fountain pen. It is then sprinkled with a multitude of lacquer-layers or gold and silver dust.

More Details

Artist:Yoshiaki Nitta
Based on model:Souverän M 1000
Nib:18 carat gold, size M, bi-color

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