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Mother-of-Pearl inlay craftwork is a technique in which the mother-of-pearl of the great green turban of the abalone is ground with a grind stone to a fine thickness and then embedded or glued on laquer-coated surfaces. This decorating method utilizes the feature of the shellfish parts that glitter beautifully when the light shines on them.

Pelikan released the limited edition mother-of-pearl inlay fountain pen called the "Sunlight (Kyokko) & Moonlight (Gekko)" in a limited quantity of 200 sets worldwide in 2005. This glorious Pen was designed with motifs of rays of the rising sun (Kyokko) and the moonlight (Gekko). The "Sunlight & Moonlight", which was made based on the M800, enjoyed great popularity and sold out quickly.

Now, six years later, Pelikan is releasing another limited edition mother-of-the-pearl inlay fountain pen in the same limited quantity of 200 pieces total worldwide. This new limited edition pen is the "Moonlight (Gekko)" and is based on the M1000.

For the "M1000 Moonlight", Australian abalone is used. Only the parts where the blue-colored glaze is most beautiful are cut in the shape of a band. These are placed on the cap and barrel of the pen by hand piece by piece. Then black lacquer coatings are applied and polished several times. After being coated with urethane followed by a drying process, the surface is polished several more times. Next, after the final polish, the name of the artist and the limited edition number are written on the pen surface with the maki-e technique. Then, flour gold is applied and allowed to dry. Finally, after the application of the wipe-lacquering and drying processes, the surface is finished with the final polish.

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