painted with PLAKA Lack

Lanterns styled with PLAKA laquer.

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Lanterns painted with PLAKA Lack

Print, paint and stick together! Atmospheric lanterns for your garden.

Here's how:

  1. Download the patterns for the lantern and print each pattern out twice on the transparent paper.

    Patterns A + B for the front and back of the lantern
  2. Place both the patterns A on a firm surface and fix lightly with sticky tape.
  3. Paint both the forms with PLAKA Lack from one side. For a colourful and brilliant effect, choose a busy pattern.
  4. Then cut out the both the B forms along the lines. Don't cut of the teeth, as they will be needed to stick the pieces together.
  5. Place the A forms painted side down on the B forms.
  6. Iron over the forms to make them flat (iron should be set at silk/wool). As the lacquer warms the sides will stick together.
  7. Divide the card into 2 strips of 10,5 centimetres width.


The assembly is explained on the next page.

  1. Stick one of the card pieces along the teeth of one side of the form so that a base and one side panel result.
  2. Then stick the second panel on. This means that the card pieces are doubled at the base.
  3. Schließlich wird auch das andere, mit PLAKA -Lack bemalte, Seitenteil der Laterne am Bodenteil befestigt.
  4. Stick the second front piece to the side panels.
  5. Stick aluminium foil onto the inside base of the lantern to prevent the card catching fire later. The tea light holder should be stuck with hot-melt glue to the base.
    Attach a wire to the sides of the lantern as shown on the drawing.
  6. Wind a piece of wire onto one end of the stick and fix with a few drops of hot-melt glue. Make a small loop and attach to the lantern.


The more PLAKA Lack shades are used, the more impressive the effect will be. It is so tempting to make Christmas decorations with Wonderliner.