Finger Butterfly

Finger Butterfly: Print it, finished! First cut out the butterfly, shove it onto your finger and the next moment it is flying!

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Finger Butterfly

First cut out the butterfly...shove it onto your finger...the next moment it is flying through the garden.

Tip: a red nose is not a flight hindrance!

Here’s how:

  1. Download the finished template.
  2. Place stiff white paper in your printer.
  3. Fetch scissors and adhesive.
  4. Paint the template (or print out the coloured template) and cut out around the contours. Cut along the 2 dotted lines.
  5. Push your finger through the resulting flap and let the butterfly fly away.

This is the way the butterfly is pushed onto the finger.

The following templates are at your disposal:

Template for painting and Finished template