Jahresfarbe April: Gelbgrün
Yellow-Green: The colour of April

The colour Yellow-Green is the result of mixing the primary colour Yellow with the secondary colour Green.

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Yellow-Green: The colour of April

The simplified Handwriting has been downloaded over 10,000 times
Usually we start off our new edition by presenting the colour of the month. This time we would like to break the rules slightly and start off by celebrating a record: the 10,000th download of Pelikan's Simplified Handwriting
We thank you for your trust in us.

Since the subject of Handwriting is very popular and we have reason to celebrate, we would this time like to present something very special: The birth of a brand new handwriting style. This style was developed using letters from the stylish handwriting captions that we presented in the last few months on Teachers info. This consisted of stylish handwriting using the Pelikan Script. We know will present a new Pelikan handwriting style: "Verzier Schrift". The letter "E" has been decorated with Strawberries. To stay in tune with our colour of the month - the "E" has been coloured in Yellow-Green.

Der Pelikan Farbkreisel - Für Online-Version bitte klicken
The letter "E" in Pelikan's Verzier Schrift style, decorated with Strawberries and coloured using Pelikan colouring pencils. The colour of the month for April: Yellow-Green, a mixture of the secondary colour Green and the primary colour Yellow.

The colour Yellow-Green is the result of mixing the primary colour Yellow with the secondary colour Green. When viewed on the circle of colour, we see that Yellow-Green's complementary colour is Purple-Red. If this all sounds too complicated it is best to check out the circle of colour in order to understand.
The Pelikan "Circle of colour" is available to download onto your PC or Mac.


Our letter "E" is also a perfect example of complementary contrast. If you would like to learn more about complementary contrasts, just check out Pelikan's Teacher info Edition "Winter 2002".


We hope you enjoy the first letter of Pelikan's handwriting style "Verzier Schrift" and the other surprises that are to be found on this edition of Pelikan's Teacher info.