Pelikan Piston Filling Fountain Pens - Writing Comfort with Style!

Already in 1929, Pelikan presented the first piston filling fountain pen that was greatly admired and that formed the milestone for many more models. This does not come by surprise, as it is a reliable and innovative writing instrument. Up to now, the partly transparent ink window, and the beak-shaped clip, remain features of the trademark, and are still components of the majority of fountain pens from Pelikan.

Meanwhile, piston filling fountain pens by Pelikan are in great demand by collectors from all over the world. This success is not least the result of the continuously growing number of limited editions . Designs arranged with the utmost care to themes such as "The Seven Wonders of the World" or "Achievements of Civilization" and many more, are produced in limited editions. With the many decades of experience in the production of exclusive writing equipment, every fountain pen becomes a finished piece of art. Many details and perfection in technology and design, distinguish every writing instrument from Pelikan.

Reliable and Customizable

Pelikan piston filling fountain pens are also exceedingly fancied by admirers of cultivated writing culture. Already the first fountain pen with its leak safe ink feed and piston filling mechanism with differential spindle gear was seen as reliable companion in all situations. Due to the option between different nib widths, it is possible to write very fine or very broad, to adjust each piston filling fountain pen to one’s own style of writing. By using 14 or 18 carat gold band as raw material and precise processing, you get an individual writing instrument of the very best quality.


Go For Color

Using a high quality writing instrument is a good basis for the development of an expressive handwriting. Rounded nibs facilitate the handling for occasional writers. With the 800 Italic nib, which is predestined for beautiful writing, practiced writers can put expressive writing, with variable stroke widths, on paper.

The individual handwriting is rounded off with the selection of the appropriate ink. For later correctable handwritings, the classic Pelikan ink 4001 in royal blue can be recommended. It can be eradicated and washed out, and is preferably used at school. Apart from this classic, many other shades of the color spectrum are available. In addition to our extensive standard range, brilliant inks in gemstone colors are available in the “Edelstein” Collection.

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