Classic Cartridge Fountain Pens by Pelikan

Hardly any writing instrument has changed the writing culture as much as the fountain pen. No wonder, as it is easy to transport and has a large enough ink reservoir. The perfect ergonomics of the Pelikan fountain pen also enables the effortless writing of longer texts.

Even today, cartridge fountain pens are still very popular. They are mainly used in school to practice connected writing. On top of that, they are also popular with style conscious admirers of beautiful handwriting.

The easy handling, as well as the simple switching of the cartridge, makes the cartridge fountain pens from Pelikan the ideal companion in all situations. Also, you can choose between different nib widths for most models. This way it is possible to optimally adapt your writing instrument to your writing style, and thus put the character of your handwriting on paper even more attractively.

Our classic Pelikan fountain pens are no guarantee for an expressive handwriting, but the technical perfection and the caringly arranged designs convey an exclusive writing feeling that turns every manuscript into an experience for the senses.


Perfect in Every Detail

Our high-quality Pelikan fountain pens are excellent writing instruments, but on top of that also make an impression due to their perfection in technology and design. The many well thought out details, such as the spring mounted beak clip, convince with their sturdiness and convenience. Furthermore, every detail seamlessly fits into the overall design and makes every fountain pen to an attractive eye catcher.

Masterpieces from Pelikan

The production of the high-quality golden nibs takes more than 30 steps, from the golden band to the finished nib. Just as extensive are the production steps for the casing and ink feed system, as well as the elaborate decors. Only after extensive testing in the in-house write-in room, and adjusting by experienced staff, the finished fountain pen leaves our company. This way, we can ensure that every Pelikan fountain pen, without exception, meets our demands, and represents a masterpiece of traditional writing instrument production that lets you enjoy writing for a whole lifetime.

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