Twist® "Berry"
Fountain pen
Twist® fountain Pen Berry

Twist® fountain Pen Berry

The perfect pen for the perfect day: The Twist® Fountain Pen Berry makes us think about raspberry ice cream and sunshine. With this pen, you will go down well anywhere! And with its ergonomic design, your writing will flow as if the pen was writing on its own!

The Twist® fountain pen is shaped in a way to lie well in the hand. With its ergonomic gripping zone, you can write absolutely relaxed and you can bring your text to paper as easy as pie. The Twist® fountain pen is perfect for uninterrupted use at school and at home. And if you do make a mistake? No problem, because the fountain pen's blue ink is easily erasable with the Super-Pirat® ink eradicator by Pelikan!

  • Suitable for left-and right-handers
  • Quality Made in Germany!


Made in Germany