Twist® "Jungle"
Fountain pen
Twist® Fountain Pen Jungle

Twist® Fountain Pen Jungle

Twist® "Jungle" comes in the look of a true classic! Its timeless elegance makes it the ideal pen for anyone who is looking for a cool style and fanciness at the same time. What is more, due to its flexible nib, this pen provides an especially smooth writing experience!

The Twist® fountain pen is shaped in a way to lie well in the hand. The ergonomic gripping zone ensures an absolutely relaxed writing posture and you'll bring your text to paper easy as pie. The Twist® fountain pen is perfectly suitable for non-stop use at school and at home. And if you do make a mistake? No problem, the fountain pen's blue ink can easily be erased with the Super-Pirat® ink eradicator by Pelikan!

  • Suitable for left-and right-handers
  • Quality Made in Germany!


Made in Germany