Twist® "Jungle"
Rollerball Pen
Twist® Rollerball Pen Jungle

Twist® Rollerball Pen Jungle

Writing is a virtue! Twist® "Jungle" comes in the look of a true classic! Its timeless elegance makes it the ideal pen for anyone who is looking for a cool style and fanciness at the same time. What is more, due to its innovative nib, this pen provides an especially smooth writing experience!

Its triangular design and soft gripping zone ensure that the Twist® roller pen lies perfectly in your hand. Whether at school, at home or on the road - the Twist® roller pen is perfect for non-stop use. And if you do make a mistake? No problem, the roller pen's blue ink can easily be erased with the Super-Pirat® ink eradicator by Pelikan!

  • Suitable for left-and right-handers
  • Quality Made in Germany!


Made in Germany