Non Stop Pencil Black
With an automatic lead feed
The Non Stop Pencil in black by Pelikan

The Non Stop Pencil in black by Pelikan is equipped with an automatic lead feed as well as an integrated eraser.

Non Stop Pencil Black

Sharpening is old hat!

The Non Stop Pencil by Pelikan

The beautiful design of the Non Stop Pencil includes an elegant synthetic barrel and looks a lot like a real wooden pencil. Yet, due to the automatic lead feed, it requires no sharpening at all. Apart from this unique function, the Non Stop Pencil has a whole lot more features to offer, for example the integrated eraser that makes every mistake disappear. It lies well in the hand and guarantees high writing comfort. The extremely modern design of the writing instrument complements everyday fun. With the Non Stop Pencil, tedious sharpening and re-sharpening belongs to the past!