ProColor® 12 Sunlight
Includes 2 water boxes
ProColor® 12 Sunlight (yellow)

The trendy ProColor® 12 Sunlight opaque paintbox contains 12 12 high quality paints and an extra tube of opaque white, an extraordinary design, extensive equipment and two removable water boxes.

ProColor® 12 Sunlight (yellow)

For more color at school ProColor® 12 Sunlight

With an extraordinary design – includes particularly extensive equipment. For at school and home use.

  • Opaque paintbox
  • Strong opacity
  • Good adhesion
  • Exchangeable color pots
  • 2 removable water boxes
  • Removable mixing plate
  • Incl. 1 short-bristled paintbrush + 1 tube of opaque white

The opaque paintbox (watercolors) contains the following colors:

Black (11), magenta red (43), vermilion (54), yellow (59a), orange (59b), yellow ocher (80), violet (109), ultramarine (120), cyan blue (128), blue green (130a), yellow green (155), burnt sienna(190)

Accessories for the paintbox:

The paintbox accessories by Pelikan consist of substitute paints, painting aprons for children in different colors, water cups, drawing pads and paintbrushes.


Made in Germany