Triangular colored
pencils, 12 pcs.
Triangular, including metallic shades
Colored Pencils BS12 Triangular

Colored pencils by Pelikan in a triangular shape with a smooth appliance and a lead size of 4.0 mm.

Regular colored pencils, 12 pcs., triangular, 4.0 mm

Easy-gliding colored pencils

The colored pencils by Pelikan, with brilliant colors, are the perfect match for artists and creative brains! Our colored pencils are perfectly suitable for drawing and coloring. Only high-quality materials are used that guarantee soft and brilliant colors. The colored pencils lie well in the hand, which is particularly helpful for young artists to learn the right pen grip.

  • Triangular, wooden pencils with a surface coat of varnish in the color of the lead.
  • Lead thickness 4,0 mm
  • Soft color appliance
  • Intensive color dispense
  • 12 bright-shining colors including gold and silver in a paper box
  • FSC certified