Two topics are keeping us busy at the moment, and they are so much fun that we are actually looking forward to reading our e-mails when we come to our desks in the mornings (how strange is that?) We hope that this newsletter will bring you the same kind of happy feeling.

Enjoy September!

Beate Böker
M205 Duo Highlighter shiny green

If you are a Pelikan lover, you already know this pen in bright yellow. It conquered the world within a few months when we launched it two years ago because it’s the only piston fountain pen that can highlight AND take notes. Now, it’s available in shiny green and we just can’t make up our minds which one is nicer. The very first shiny green Highlighter fountain pens left our production close to Hannover just a short time ago, so it’s possible that your favourite dealer does not yet have them – however, make sure you call them and reserve your piece now because we have a feeling that they will be much in demand.


Our Wanderlust Project has gotten an amazing feedback - hundreds of friends applied to take part. It was extremely hard to select where the ink bottles will stop over, that’s why we opened up a Facebook page where you can find a pen pal, even if you are not taking part in the Wanderlust Project. This Facebook page is not moderated by Pelikan; it is just a platform for you to meet and find a pen pal friend in another corner of the world. Once you have found your friend, you can happily write with pen and ink and paper!

Here’s the link.

Also, make sure you check out our page on Facebook to see what’s happening to the three Edelstein Ink bottles right now. The Wanderlust tour has just started in Hannover, Malaysia and Hawaii! We made a video of the beginning of the tour in Hannover, so you can (almost) live the moment with us. It was very exciting!