A modern classic

Souverän M101N: A historical model comes back to life.

In 1937, Pelikan launched the first M101N with a global campaign and much success. From the six models in the series which became available throughout the years, the version in tortoiseshell brown is one of the most sought-after vintage pens. At the time, it was only sold outside Germany. As the shape and coloring still appeals to many collectors and lovers of vintage products today, Pelikan now introduces a Special Edition that takes up the main characteristics of the M101N tortoiseshell brown.

The tortoiseshell sleeve that used to be of celluloid is now made of cellulose acetate. The nib is still 14 carat gold, and the size is smaller than today's fountain pens, just like it was back in 1937. The cap and body are made of the well-known high-quality resin, and the clip as well as the rings are 24 carat gold-plated.

This unique fountain pen is handmade in Germany and will be available in April 2011. For further information please visit www.pelikan.com/exclusive.

Edelstein Ink