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Pelikan laser cartridges are manufactured according to the highest technological standards and stand for reliability, cost-effectiveness and high operating efficiency.

The high quality of Pelikan laser cartridges results from Pelikans own research, development and production. Pelikan provides a full 3 years warranty on its laser cartridges and takes over the warranty on your printer! Pelikan offers laser cartridges for all popular printer models of Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Konica, Kyocera, Lexmark, Oki, Samsung and Xerox.

Pelikan has been producing laser cartridges for over 30 years. Pelikan researches, develops and produces all its laser cartridges itself to meet the highest quality standards. All remanufactured laser cartridges are DIN 33870 certified and all Pelikan production facilities are ISO 9001 certified.


Environment and Health

Pelikan collects empty laser cartridges, takes them apart, cleans them, remanufactures and eventually sells them. By selling remanufactured cartridges, Pelikan greatly helps to reduce our carbon footprint. The quality of the remanufactured laser cartridges is guaranteed by DIN 33870 and a full 3 years warranty.

Pelikan further contributes to reduce carbon footprint by systematically looking at all activities that have an environmental impact. The company has therefore been ISO 14001 certified since 2008.

Last but not least Pelikan’s environmental awareness is reflected in the Nordic Swan certificate for the full range of remanufactured laser cartridges. Laser cartridges that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel stand for: less waste and a lower consumption of energy and raw materials. Using laser cartridges several times reduces the total consumption of laser cartridges and accordingly the environmental impact of the product throughout its service life. The aim is to reduce waste and also focus on product quality through quality assurance of the recycling process, content of environmentally hazardous and harmful substances, labelling and customer information.

Pelikan not only cares about the environment, but also about your health. By testing the toner powder in the laser cartridges according to DIN 33870 Pelikan makes sure, that its laser cartridges do not harm your health. Also part of Pelikans laser cartridge range is LGA certified. The LGA institute has tested a number of Pelikan cartridges on their amount of pollutants. The products, which have received a positive result from the LGA, now carry the official seal "LGA tested for pollutants" as a proof of low-emission.

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