Twin C 304 Fiber Tip Pens

Be the king of colour with colorella® twin fibre-tip pens. A rainbow of colours at the palm of your hand. This multi-skill set of pens features 10 double-sided colours and tips. This equals 20 different colours to choose from. Take advantage of its two types of tips to create incredible shapes and lines in your drawings and school notes.

  • Colours

    10 pens = 20 colours, dark colours for sketching and outlining and the light side colours for filling in and colour

  • Water based ink

    The water-based ink can be easily washed out from skin and most fabrics or surface

  • Tip

    Versatile non-deformable fine (1 mm) and broad (2 mm) tip

  • Cap

    Ventilated cap (ISO 11540)