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Our writing systems

For school, the office or home discover our range of fountain pens, roller and ballpoint pens, pencils, and much more made by Pelikan.

Colour your imagination 1

We live in a world full of colours that motivate us to create great things; with colours we express our ideas, feelings and personality. Colouring our ideas is key to turn those thoughts into actions, colours allow us to communicate with others and even to have fun with them. Imagine having the perfect tool to create a colourful day, everything is possible now with our great colouring assortment.

Have fun creating 1

Explore your creativity with our craft materials. Learn and develop your modelling skills, creating a cool character with our modelling clay. Make an origami or table decorations and much more with the crafting paper. And don't forget to personalize your school projects or do a special Do-It-Yourself project with our scissors.

Unafraid of mistakes

Everyday work in an office or at school is easy when everything is always at hand and as functional as it is practical. Pelikan supports you in everyday tasks big and small!

In order to optimally improve small and large mistakes with a pen or with pencil, there are the correctors and erasers from Pelikan.

Practic, safe and easy to use

With our PELIFIX® gluing articles, you will have the perfect tool to create exciting experiences in the school or home, sticking office documentation or fixing broken things in your home.


The Pelikan office supplies – stamps, carbon papers, sealing wax, wax crayons and accessories for everyday life at the office.

Smart tools for you

Our products are available in common colours and dimensions. Whether in combination with a pencil, a fineliner or a ballpoint pen, these tools can be used flexibly and are therefore a must in the school bag.

Trendy understated elegance

When people start paying attention to design, patterns, colours etc., then a writing instrument ceases to be just a writing instrument. By following fashion trends, we express - consciously or unconsciously - our personality.

If you appreciate an elegant shape design and modern look & feel, then you will find here the right device to express your personal lifestyle in everyday writing.