Our writing systems

For school, the office or home discover our range of fountain pens, roller and ballpoint pens, pencils, and much more made by Pelikan.

Fountain Pens

Pelikan has the right fountain pen for every age and taste! A comprehensive range of beautifully designed fountain pens awaits you. This makes writing even more fun!


Ballpoint pens

We have different types of pens and inks for all ages and needs, from the most basic for everyday use, some with trendy designs and colours for those looking for a unique style and finally options with more automated systems for writing professionals.


Rollerball & fineliner pens

Now it's getting really round!
The great ink pens and rollerball pens make every written line a round thing!



With the highlighters from Pelikan you never lose sight of the essentials again!
In various shapes and many bright colours.



For writing, colouring and marking on almost all materials.
Chisel and round tip.



Graphite pencils are one of the most important tools in school, so Pelikan has for you the best options, shapes, designs, styles and degrees of blackness and hardness that you need in your day to day life.


Find your favorite writing instrument accessory in a matching style!

Colour your imagination 1

We live in a world full of colours that motivate us to create great things; with colours we express our ideas, feelings and personality. Colouring our ideas is key to turn those thoughts into actions, colours allow us to communicate with others and even to have fun with them. Imagine having the perfect tool to create a colourful day, everything is possible now with our great colouring assortment.

Coloured pencils

If you want to relax, do your homework or bring out the big artist inside you, Pelikan has the perfect colouring tool for you!


Paint boxes

The opaque paint assortment by Pelikan - Opaque paints, painting aprons, spare paints as well as drawing and sketch pads for students and hobby artists.


Markers & crayons

Imagine having the perfect tool to create a colourful day, everything is possible now with our great colorella® assortment.
From fibre-tip pens to colour the little details in life to a bolder felt pen to cover it all, the colorella® assortment has the perfect colouring instrument for you. Each marker will adapt to your needs.
The wax crayons by Pelikan are ideal for children's hands and are perfectly suitable for drawing and for learning how to write in many bright colours.



An effective tempera paint, also known as gouache, stands out for its quick drying, which allows you to assess the results very soon. Also, once the mixture is prepared and plastered on your support, the colour will have a completely uniform result.


For drawing and painting. The opaque paint accessories by Pelikan include spare paints, water boxes, painting aprons and a lot more.

Have fun creating 1

Explore your creativity with our craft materials. Learn and develop your modelling skills, creating a cool character with our modelling clay. Make an origami or table decorations and much more with the crafting paper. And don't forget to personalize your school projects or do a special Do-It-Yourself project with our scissors.

Modelling clays & doughs

Get creative with the modelling clay from Pelikan. Ideal for children to be creative.
For kindergarten, school and hobby.


Crafting papers

The various handicraft papers from Pelikan come in many bright colours and, thanks to their different surfaces, set special accents in all handicraft work. With transparent paper you can conjure up great effects with light, and glossy paper gives your creations a very special shimmer and shine. The strong colours make all handicrafts appear much more lively.



With Pelikan scissors, you can make precise cuts quickly and safely. Pelikan has the precise cutting tool for everyone, whether right or left-handed. Their ergonomically designed handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, and their stainless steel blades ensure their durability.


Unafraid of mistakes

Everyday work in an office or at school is easy when everything is always at hand and as functional as it is practical. Pelikan supports you in everyday tasks big and small!

In order to optimally improve small and large mistakes with a pen or with pencil, there are the correctors and erasers from Pelikan.


With our Blanco correction items, you will have all options to fix any mistake whether it be a large phrase, a small number, a dot, or a full formula.



Discover Pelikan's wide assortment of erasers! Here you will find the right eraser for every field of application, to have the best erasing results! For many pencils and colours there are a suitable eraser, from a simple pencil eraser for school to an extra soft eraser for large-scale drawings. Of course, there are also erasers suitable for coloured pencils and ink.


Practic, safe and easy to use

With our PELIFIX® gluing articles, you will have the perfect tool to create exciting experiences in the school or home, sticking office documentation or fixing broken things in your home.

Glue sticks

With our PELIFIX® glue sticks, any task is made easy, whether it be creating a fun design in school or simply sticking a Boucher to a note. Durable, easy to use, and safe for everyone, PELIFIX® is the perfect addition to any work environment.


Liquid glues

Perfect for gluing paper, cardboard, cloth, polystyrene, foamy, and many others. Easy to use and of fast-drying formula.



The Pelikan office supplies – stamps, carbon papers, sealing wax, wax crayons and accessories for everyday life at the office.

Sealing wax & wax markers

The waterproof sealing wax and marking crayons, suitable for smooth or rough surfaces.


Carbon papers

The carbon papers from Pelikan are great for copying. Available in different types.


Stamp pad & stamp inks

The ink pads from Pelikan in plastic or metal casing and different coloured stamping inks to re-ink the pads.


Find your favorite office instrument accessory in a matching style!

Smart tools for you

Our products are available in common colours and dimensions. Whether in combination with a pencil, a fineliner or a ballpoint pen, these tools can be used flexibly and are therefore a must in the school bag.


Notebooks are part of the basic equipment in school, at university and sometimes even in everyday work.
The Pelikan writing paper range includes school pads and various spiral pads in A4 and A5 formats.


Rulers & geometry sets

To trace and measures different kind of geometric shapes in school, 30 cm is ideal for the average use. But smaller sizes are equally useful and practical, and the student can easily keep it in the pencil pouch.



Create perfect circles for your art, geometry, or drafting class with Pelikan compasses.


Trendy understated elegance

When people start paying attention to design, patterns, colours etc., then a writing instrument ceases to be just a writing instrument. By following fashion trends, we express - consciously or unconsciously - our personality.

If you appreciate an elegant shape design and modern look & feel, then you will find here the right device to express your personal lifestyle in everyday writing.

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We are happy, if we can be of any help to you with our releases in your important task.

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