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combino® coloured pencils

Whether mouse, bear or mouse-bear - anything is possible with the new combino® coloured pencils from Pelikan! The great animal motifs can be combined as desired and thus ensure a lot of painting fun. Twelve brilliant colours give children the opportunity to let their creativity run free.

  • Name field

    With silver embossed name field

  • High Quality

    Soft stroke for better drawing and bright colouring

  • Thick crayons

    The thick crayons are perfectly adapted to the needs of five to seven year olds

  • Made from with FSC™ certified wood from reforested forests

learning to write pencils

The combino® learn-to-write pencils with the practical name field and soft B-lead are available in 2 designs, pink and blue. Their animal motifs make them fun to combine with the combino® coloured pencils. With their ergonomic triangular shape, they optimally support children in the process of learning to write and specifically promote the correct hand posture for proper handwriting.


Eraser & Ruler

The latex- and phthalate-free combino® eraser as well as the unbreakable 15 cm long plastic ruler can be combined with the other combino®articles at any time thanks to their printed animal motifs. Just like the coloured pencils and pencils in the collection, the combino®ruler also has a practical name field.

Discover the combino® world!

combino rule and eraser

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Promotion set, including colouring pad Combino (811231) and 12 coloured pencils Combino (811194)



set Combino 12+1 pencils in metal case



12 Coloured pencils, thick, ergonomic triangular shape, with combino animal-motif-print, which can be combined with each other, soft Quality-lead 4mm, with name tag, FSC 100%, in reusable etui-like packaging, with break-resistant lead

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