Pelikano® standard

Pelikano®   1

Standard edition

The high-quality nib of the Pelikano® fountain pen is made of robust stainless steel and is available in nib sizes A, F, M and L. Its unique design makes the Pelikano® fountain pen an absolute trendsetter in the classroom. Thanks to the tried and tested cartridge filling system, the pen can be filled with both normal and large-capacity ink cartridges . Its large ink window also provides an insight into the current ink level.

  • Shiny colors in red, blue, green and black

  • Wide range of springs: A, M, L

  • Stable stainless steel spring with iridium grain

  • High-quality metal cap with anti-roll protection

  • Proven soft grip zone for fatigue-free writing

  • Special left-handed models

Our line



FP Pelikano P480 M green



FP Pelikano P480 M blue FB



FP Pelikano P480 M Red



FP Pelikano P480 M bk



Pelikano P480A Blue+GTP/B



Pelikano P480A green +GTP/B



Pelikano P480A Red +GTP/B



Pelikano P480M Black +2GTP/B

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