Textmarker 490® Neon

Textmarker 490® Neon 


highlight what MATTERS!

The Textmarker 490® high fluorescence and good transparency immediately catch the eye. 
Our highlighter has a special tip in three widths which allows you to mark in thinly underline or mark complete sentences and text passages with a broad line.

  • Twist-off cap for easy opening

  • Special tip for marking in 3 widths

  • Recessed grips for comfortable marking

  • Universal water-based ink guarantees uniform luminosity on practically all papers

  • High fluorescence and good transparency make the marked clearly visible

  • High yield due to huge ink supply

  • Optimal ink flow through fiber wick

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The twist-off cap enables easy opening: simply turn the cap, and you can start marking! In addition, the recessed grip of the highlighter guarantees comfortable marking.
The markers are available in the colors luminous yellow, luminous pink, luminous green, luminous orange, luminous red, luminous blue.

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Highlighter 490/4 wallet ass.



Highlighter 490/6 wallet ass.



Highlighter 490 fluor.yellow



Highlighter 490 fluor.green



Highlighter 490 fluor.pink



Highlighter 490 fluor.orange



Highlighter 490 fluor.red



Highlighter 490 fluor.blue

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