Twist® Neon Rollerballs
Twist Neon


Twist Neon

The eyecatcher are perfectly complemented by the shining Neon Coral.


  • Thanks to its twisted triangular ergonomic shape, they lie perfectly in the hand

  • Soft grip zone

  • Fluent, clean and fatigue-free writing

  • Universal for right and left handers

  • Erasable blue ink roller cartridge


• Rotated look in the current Neon trend colors
• Perfectly added by the new shining Neon Coral
• Fits perfectly in the hand with its ergonomic design
• Universally compatible with left and right hands
• Roller with erasable blue ink

twist neon some 01
neon plumas twist coral
neon plumas twist green
neon plumas twist yellow

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RB Twist R457 Neon Green Box



RB Twist R457 Neon yellow FB



RB Twist R457 Neon Green + 2KM/B



RB Twist R457 Neon Yellow+2KM/B

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