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Classic 200 Café Crème

The beautiful coloring of a latte macchiato drink inspired us to create this fountain pen. It was made for the connoisseurs among you – those who know how to enjoy the things that count.

Classic 200 Café Crème

Classic 200 cognac

This piston fountain pen is made of high-quality resin in a fascinating cognac color, with gold plated rings and the special gold plated Pelikan clip.

Classic 200 cognac

Classic green-marbled

This series has a distinctive look that resembles shiny marble. In the Classic green-marbled this look accentuates the different shades of green and gives this writing instrument the distinctive Pelikan design.

Pelikan Classic fountain pen M200 green-marbled

Classic M200 Demonstrator

The Demonstrator model shows the piston mechanism „in action“ every time you refill your fountain pen. This model is a favourite among technically minded people.

Pelikan Classic fountain pen M200 Demonstrator

Classic black

The fountain pen Classic black has a timeless design with its barrel and cap in polished black - A classic writing instrument par excellence.

Pelikan Classic fountain pen black M150 M200

Classic 200 Brown-Marbled

A well-composed color combination that harmonizes perfectly with the other members of the marbled Classic-Series.

Classic 200 Smoky Quartz

A marvelous combination of color and material! The golden rings, the fine Pelikan clip and the gold-plated steel nib match perfectly with the color temperature of brown-colored, smoky shades.

Classic black-silver

The fountain pen Classic 205 black unites classic design with modern elements. The perfectly shaped writing instruments suits those, who take pleasure in simple elegance.

Pelikan Classic fountain pen M205 black-silver

Choosing the right nib

The high-quality nibs from Pelikan allow a fluent handwriting for both casual and experienced writers. Thus, we pay special attention to the production of our stainless steel nibs.

Classic red-silver - limited availability

The perfectly shaped, sophisticated fountain pen Classic 205 red unites classic design with modern elements: it combines high-quality resin in bright ‘happy’ red, a silver-colored beak clip and chromed decorative rings.

Pelikan Classic fountain pen M205 red-silver