Motif Spindle

Motif Spindle

This Christmas tree won't shed its needles, it doesn't need water and still it is an eyecatcher in the pre-Christmas season.

Christmas Tree

This is what you need:
Download templates, colored paper (dark blue, yellow and light green), red aluminum paper, a plastic straw, a pair of scissors, Pelifix all-purpose glue, a shashlik skewer, a darning needle, a small nail, a hammer and a plastic lid from a drinking bottle.

It's as easy as this:


gekreuzte Zweige
Print out our download template. Start with the tree branches. Transfer each of the 21 branches onto light green paper and cut them out. Glue three branches that are about equally long crosswise on top of each other (see drawing). Stick a hole through the center of all three branches.


Der Fuß der Motivspindel
Carefully hammer the nail into the center of the plastic lid and pull it out again. The hole will be needed to stick the shashlik skewer through, later on. It will be turning the tree with the help of the hole in the frame. The lid will serve as a Christmas tree stand and will also cover up the hole.

3. Divide the straw into equally long pieces: All in all, you will need eight pieces, 15 mm long.

4. Now create the candles using the download template. Transfer the shapes onto the red aluminum paper. Wrap the stripes to little, red rolls and glue them together on both ends. The candles will be glued onto the end of the branches later on.


Aufbau der Motivspindel
Next follows the construction of the Christmas tree: Press the tip of the shashlik skewer about 15 mm deep into the plastic lid that you previously had made a hole into. (Step 2) Place a piece of straw onto the shashlik skewer and glue it onto the lid. Now install the longest branches, then a piece of straw again, and so on (see drawing). Glue the single parts tight and let them dry.


Die Kerzen der Motiv-Spindel
Finally, place the candles at the end of the tree branches and glue them tight.

Case for the Motif Spindle Christmas Tree

1. Transfer the stars from the download template onto the yellow colored paper and cut them out.

2. Build the case as explained in the instructions: Motif Spindle Color-Wheel.

3. The back wall of the case that is meant to be the sky can be found on the download template. Transfer it onto a piece of dark blue colored paper and cut it out. Glue the stars onto the blue sky and glue the back wall to the inside of the case. Place the Christmas tree into the case after completion.

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