In glowing celebration of the highest craftsmanship

The “Fire” Limited Edition from the Pelikan company fulfils the highest demands in respect of high quality materials and artistic design.

Perfectly timed for the hot season, the long-established Pelikan company is bringing some fire of its own to the desk: the “Fire” Limited Edition writing instrument, the third fountain-pen in the “Achievements of civilisation” series, will make the hearts of collectors and devotees of elegant penmanship beat faster.

People have always burned wood and used the glowing embers of around 500 degrees Celsius and more to provide warmth and cook food. Pelikan celebrates the art of taming fire, and has produced just 500 pens in the “Fire” Limited Edition. The edition number engraved on the end of the handle proves that every fountain-pen is unique.

This fine writing instrument features elaborate details. An ornate bowl of fire is engraved on the nib, clip and cap of the fountain-pen. The barrel is made of brass and lacquered several times. Flames ascend the red shaft of the fountain-pen. Each individual flame is first lasered onto the fountain-pen, polished and then plated with 24-carat gold. Five real topaz gemstones, inserted by hand, make the flames come alive, and transport devotees of the fine art of writing to a time when our ancestors had to wait for lightening to strike before they could capture the flame. The soft nib of this fine writing instrument is made of 18-carat/750 gold, and has a fine iridium tip.

The “Fire” piston fountain-pen is available in nib sizes F, M and B, and is presented in an elegant gift box together with a brochure, which provides an account of the theme of the “Achievements of civilisation” series and the intricate details of the fountain-pen.

The “Fire” Limited Edition is available in selected specialist shops from August 2010 for 1400 € RSP.

Limited Edition Fire