Pumpkin carvings

You want to carve a pumpkin for halloween? Here is a step by step guide on hoe it is done!

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Pumpkin carvings

This is what you will need:

  • A ripe, hard pumpkin. The surface should not be ripped or show signs of squashing.
  • A stable and washable surface.
  • A small sharp knife.
  • For the emptying of the pumpkin you will need either an ice cream scoop or a large spoon.
  • Pins and toothpicks.


Schritt 1

1. First save the desired pattern on your computer and print it out.
Schritt 2

2. Then cut the top off the pumpkin. If you stick the knife into the pumpkin at an angle of approx. 45°, the lid will hold more securely later on. Use the ice cream scoop to empty the pumpkin. When finished, the inner walls should be left approx. 2cm thick.
Schritt 3

3.Cut out the different pieces of the pattern.
Schritt 4

4.Use the pins to position the pieces on the pumpkin.
Schritt 5

5.Now use the knife to cut out the different sections of the face. Start by cutting out the smaller shapes. Cut out or broken parts can easily be mended using the toothpicks.
Schritt 6

6.Place the candle inside the pumpkin. Use toothpicks to keep it in place.
Schritt 7

7.Now your pumpkin is finished and ready to take on ghosts.


  1. To increase the life span of the pumpkin, place it in warm water for a brief period.
  2. If the candle will not light, more oxygen is required. Cut an additional hole in the lid or place the lid on crookedly.
  3. The pumpkin can of course also be coloured using Pelikan PLAKA colours. Small details can make the pumpkin appear even spookier e.g. warts, eyebrows or scars can be painted directly on the pumpkin using Pelikan PLAKA colours.


Die verschieden Motive

Different patterns for creating your pumpkin.