Pettersson & Findus
Excerpts from the book

Excerpts from the story "Fireworks for the fox".

Excerpts from the book

Pettersson, Findus & Co. Special

Excerpts from the story "Fireworks for the fox":

Pettersson is caught in thought.

The fox comes along to pay Pettersson a visit. The only problem was, that the bad animal liked to eat chickens. Pettersson, Findus and the chickens were of course not pleased by this behaviour.

A model is to scare the fox away.

Pettersson thinks about how to greet the fox. He wants to build a model chicken filled with fireworks to scare the fox. Furthermore, Findus dresses up as a Spooky sheet to scare off the evil animal.


Findus dressed as a Spooky sheet.

After all has been prepared, Pettersson and Findus patiently await the Foxes arrival. The fireworks are lit and Findus (dressed as the Spooky sheet) runs out and even scares himself.
Did Findus scare off the right fox or not? All is revealed in the book "Fireworks for the fox".



The book was released by the publishing house Oetinger Verlag in Hamburg.