A terrifying paper dragon!

This month we would like to present another dragon which is very easy for your pupils to make.

Further material for this article.

A terrifying paper dragon!

This is what you need:
Pelikan PLAKA paint (middle green, signal red, white) cardboard roll, a wooden bead cut in half, scissors, knife, handicraft adhesive, templates as shown below:

Download the templates; print and you're finished. The feet, which can be printed on thin card, should be cut out and then painted with Plaka


It is so easy:

  1. The cardboard roll is painted on the outside with Pelikan PLAKA paint in green.
  2. Cut sharp points into the tail end and cut a mouth into the head end and small teeth into the jaw (see sketch).
  3. The side parts are folded back to form ears. The tail and the mouth are painted in and outside in red Plaka. The 2 halves of the wooden bead are stuck on as eyes.
  4. With a sharp knife 4 or 5 cuts are made (depending on the quantity of feet desired) in the cardboard roll into which the feet are pushed in.
  5. Using the template cut out the feet, paint with green PLAKA and apply red spots.
  6. Fit all the parts together. The tongue is applied with handicraft adhesive and the feet are shoved into the knife cuts. A terribly nice dragon is ready to roar!