Paintbrush witches
Print - Assemble - Finished!

The "Walpurgisnacht" draws closer and if one looks close enough, he or she can see them: the witches.

Paintbrush witches: Print - Assemble - Finished!

The "Walpurgisnacht" draws closer and if one looks close enough, he or she can see them: the witches. Here at Pelikan we would like to introduce something unknown - flying on paintbrushes, the favourite way these ladies like to pass their time!


Pinselhexe 1
Pinselhexe 2

The two witch figures: The flying motions are pictured on the left through the Red arrows. The witch on the right can also simply be downloaded.



  • A printer, paper,
  • Pelikan Opaque water colours,
  • A 20 cent coin,
  • Different paintbrushes,
  • Adhesive and sewing thread.


How to assemble:

Step 1: The pattern can be downloaded and printed here. We would advising stronger paper than the usual printing paper in order prevent the witch bending out of shape later on. We have two different paintbrush witches to choose from. It also possible to print out both and to combine them.

Print out the pattern for paintbrush witch number 1

Print out the pattern for paintbrush witch number 1

Step 2: The patterns can be painted using the Pelikan colours of your choice. The patterns are only there to assist, we believe that you will be able to find and evil colour combination for your witch.

Zusammenkleben der Pinselhexe
Zusammenkleben der Pinselhexe

Step 3: Before sticking both halves of the witch together, make sure to mark the position where the brush is to be added. On our pattern sketch the correct position is coloured Yellow.

Step 4: Now it is time for the actual assembling of the witch. Apply the adhesive to the displayed areas as shown in our example. On one end a counterbalance is created by adding the 20 cent coin. The paintbrush is added on the displayed area. Now gently press both sides together.

Zusammenkleben der Pinselhexe

The 20 cent coin is stuck onto the round area before assembling commences. Then place the paintbrush in the correct area and stick both sides of the pattern together.

Step 5: Finally attach the paintbrush to two loops made with the sewing thread. For this use two individual pieces of thread each cut to approx. 30cm. Form a loop in the centre of each piece and lie both loops on top of each other. One end of the paintbrush is pushed through the loops and attached using sticking tape.

Die Befestigung des Nähgarns

This is how loops are formed in the thread and attached to the end of the brush.

Die Sicherung der Nähgarnschlaufen

The thread loops are secured using sticking tape.

Mobile witches

If more witches are to be hung up together just follow our mobile pattern. It gives the opportunity to hang up to three witches on one thread.

Pinselhexe 2

One witch,                         two witches,                   three witches can be attached.

The Green rod does not necessarily have to be a paintbrush - it is usually quite difficult to find long paintbrushes in shops anyway. With Pelikan though this is not the case. Here special paintbrushes with long handles are easily found.

Paintbrushes are of course not only great for flying on, but also great for painting. Pelikan has a wide range of paintbrushes for many different painting purposes. To learn more just check out our new paintbrush finder available exclusively on Pelikan's Teacher info!