Pelikan mixing aids
Pelikan mixing aids

Mixing colours is child's play. Mixing a particular colour on the other hand, requires a bit more skill in the usage of both colour and brush.

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Pelikan mixing aids

The new Pelikan mixing aids for are simply attached to the lid of the paint box.

Mixing colours is child's play. Mixing a particular colour on the other hand, requires a bit more skill in the usage of both colour and brush. Especially children have high expectations regarding the success of their work.
So, how exactly should we go about mixing? Let us take a closer look at the Pelikan opaque colour paint box:

There are quite a few mixing areas in the lid of the paint box. A total of 5 small areas are available to the user. There are two different ways to go about mixing colours.

This is how it shouldn't be done:

Yellow and Cyan-Blue are to be mixed. The user stirs the colour Yellow using little water and then places the same brush in the Cyan-Blue colour pot! This discolours the original colour to such an extent, that it will need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned before the colour can be used again. At this point it would also not be possible for the user to apply the paintbrush in the Yellow colour pot, as this would also cause discolouring. In order to prevent such frustration, Pelikan would like show you a sensible way of mixing colour, in which it will not be necessary to have to constantly clean the individual colours.

Pelikan Mixing aids for the opaque colour paint box

In this edition of Teachers info we would like to present Pelikan mixing aids. These practical helpers are simply attached to the lid of your Pelikan opaque water colour paint box. You can then mix away - even children should have no problems working with these new mixing aids.

1.The first pot "Yellow" is marked with the description "full colour". Use a paintbrush to stir the colour Yellow and then add the colour into the pot mentioned above.

2.The second pot is also filled with a "full colour" - in this case Cyan-Blue.

3.In the third step we start the actual mixing of both colours in using a third mixing pot. To do so, we place equal amounts of both colours in the third pot and stir. The resulting colour is Green.


To brighten or darken

The Pelikan mixing aids also enable the user to brighten or to darken colours. Each colour tone receives interesting nuances which can be used for many purposes later on. The usage of Chinese White and Black is conducted in the same manner as with the full colour pots. The colour which is to be mixed is first added into a free pot. It is only after this step that this colour is mixed with another.

 The mixing aids highlight the most important combinations of primary colours, as the mixing of different shades of Brown and an example regarding brightening and darkening. Another segment shows how to break colour using Grey. It also contains an additional white notepad in which you can document samples of previous mixtures. This acts as a reminder on how previous colours were mixed, so that they can be mixed again during future usage. The Pelikan mixing aids are ideal for introducing children to the world of mixing techniques.