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Colossus of Rhodes

A gift to eternity

Pelikan's "Colossus of Rhodes" fountain pen honours a technical and artistic masterpiece that is unique in terms of size and grandeur. The bronze statue of the Greek God Helios, the worshipped sun God and patron saint of the Aegean island of Rhodes, was worked with exceptional architectonic and artistic skill.
Only specially selected materials were used, such as marble for the pedestal, iron for the inner frame and bronze, partially refined with gold, for the outer skin.
The Pelikan fountain pen, which like its historical paragon, is partly made from bronze, combines traditional craftsmanship with the highest degree of design and technical expertise. The valuable writing instrument is pre-sented in an artistically designed case that has a feeling for the stylized harbour of Rhodes where the statue is said to have once stood.

About this edition.

The edition number engraved on the filler knob end transforms each pro-duct into an unmistakably unique item. Pelikan has manufactured just 408 of these incomparable writing instruments.
This worldwide limited edition figure is thus a reminder of the founding of the town of Rhodes that took place in 408 B.C. when the three-town states of the island united: Ialysos in the north, Lindos in the east and Kamiros in the west – all three having once been ruled by the so-named grandchildren of Helios, the sun God. They founded the island's capital on the northern tip and called it Rhodes, thus also giving this sun-drenched and fertile island its name.

The "Colossus of Rhodes" fountain pen has been released in the year 2005 and is limited to 408 pieces.

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