Pelikano® ink writer red
for left-and right-handed writing
Ink writer Pelikano® red- the ink writer by Pelikan

The Pelikano® ink writer in cool red - with a soft gripping area for more relaxed writing.

Pelikano® ink writer red

Pelikano® - cool as never before!

An Ink Roller in the Pelikano®-range too

  • 4 attractive colours
  • Soft-grip zone for relaxed writing
  • Smooth writing roller tip
  • Refills with roller-cartridge KM
  • Metal cap in uptodate look
  • Models for right-handers and left-handers

Pelikano Talentwettbewerb

The new Pelikan Timetable Designer is here!

Design a cool and personal timetable within a few clicks:
Launch the Pelikan Timetable Designer.
Choose one of the available background and add a photo of yourself. If you like to, you can also fill in the whole timetable. Just click in the fields and start typing. Print out - and finished!

You can also save each timetable onto your computer and load it anytime later to change it, adapt it, or spice it up!


Made in Germany