Unique Collection 2014: Wealth Gold

  • Unique Collection 2014: Wealth Gold

Product description

The Maki-e Unique Collection

No 15: Wealth Gold

Takara-zukushi is a Japanese expression for a collection of figures which symbolize wealth in every possible meaning of the word. The first one is the precious globe that realizes one’s wishes called Nyoi-hoju, the second is the key to the treasury (Hoh-yaku), the third is a magic hammer that grants your wish when you strike it (Uchide-no-Kozuchi), the fourth is called Choji, a tropical evergreen tree that supplies herbal medicine and spices, the fifth is the Tachibana, a mandarin orange, the sixth is a bundle of colorful stripes which symbolizes a precious gift (Tabane-noshi), the seventh is called Fundo, a weight used for scales, the eigth is a traditional fabric bag called Kinchaku, which is usually worn in combination with a kimono, and the ninth is precious roll of document (Makimono). According to Japanese mythology, these symbols are believed to bring good fortune to the owners. The Pelikan fountain pen “Takara-zukushi” in gold was created by using the Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e technique.

The Togidashi-Maki-e technique

In this technique, the rare Japanese lacquer Urushi is applied in a multitude of layers which are polished many times. The design is drawn first with tracing paper and then with colored lacquer onto the surface of the fountain pen. It is then sprinkled with a multitude of lacquer-layers or gold and silver dust.

The Taka Maki-e technique

The artist mixes charcoal powder or gold powder into the lacquer, so that the pattern of the design is raised above the surface and a three-dimensional effect is created: If your thumb glides over the surface, you will feel the difference.

Auction details

Artist:Mushu Yamazaki
Based on model:Souverän M 1000
Nib:18 carat gold, size M, bi-color
Minimum Offer:5.500 €
Bidding starts:Nov. 21, 2014 - 2PM CEST
The hammer falls:Nov. 28, 2014 - 2PM CEST

How does it work?

For the second time, Pelikan offers pen collectors all over the world the opportunity to bid for one-of-a-kind Maki-e fountain pens. Seventeen individual Maki-e fountain pens belong to the Unique Collection 2014. The auctions will start on consecutive workdays in November and early December, and each will last one week. Click here to learn more.

Take a closer look

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