Print-out and assemble them

As with our last issue, we again feature handcraft that is done with the help of your printer..

Masks: print-out and assemble them.

As with our last issue, we again feature handcraft that is done with the help of your printer. This time the emphasis is on masks. There are three different ones to choose from that all look different and can be varied in size.

die drei Masken dieser Bastelanleitung

You have the choice between three models.

You need:

  • A sheet of Pelikan C3/10 artist paper or any other thick paper.
  • A scissors; adhesive.
  • PLAKA colours Black, Red and White; a paintbrush (Size 10 ½).
  • Two small wooden balls for the Black mask; sewing thread.
  • Approx. 1 metre of string per mask.


How to assemble:
Each of the masks appearance differs from the others. The assembling of the masks however is very similar in each case. The chosen mask is printed out and stuck on hard paper. After doing this, the grey areas of the printed mask are cut out. Finally the masks are coloured using the colours of your choice.

The Black Mask

schwarze Maske
This mask makes a head appear longer. The wearer can see through the mouth.

große Ansicht der Augenpartie
Both of the small wooden balls are fit with sewing thread cut to a length of approx. 4 cm. After doing so, the eyes are made using white paper and the stuck to the corresponding areas (covering the thread in doing so). The eyes then dangle in front of the white circles.

die verschiedenen Teile der schwarzen Maske
The mouth is made using even stronger paper and coloured using Pelikan PLAKA colours. After the paint has dried in, stick the mouth over the opening in the mask. The nose is also made using stronger paper. It is folded along the line and the flat end is then stuck on the specified area of the mask between the eyes.

Kopfband anbringen
Finally just add the string. The method of attaching the string is the same with all of the masks. Use a page-puncher to make holes in the right areas. The 1 metre long string is then fed through the holes and knotted in the middle like in the picture below.

The Black-White Mask Mask

schwarz-weiße Maske

die verschiedenen Teile der schwarz-weißen Maske
Start by printing this mask out as you did with the previous one. The Grey fields are cut out and the strains of the beard cut along the lines.

große Ansicht der Zunge
Let your imagination run wild and colour the mask in the colour of your choice using Pelikan PLAKA colours. The tongue can either be printed out on Red paper or coloured Red - also using Pelikan PLAKA colours.

Nase mit "Piercing"
Now cut out the tongue piece along the lines, cut along the thick line on the mask and then push the tongue piece through the slit in the mask. Finally glue the free strips to the inside of the mask. Now paint the red spots on both sides of the masks mouth. For fun you can also pierce a nose ring into the mask using an office clip. Pierce the holes for the string at about the eye height of the mask (To protect the area of the hole from ripping, place sticking tape on the area of the mask before punching the hole). Attach the string to the mask as shown in the picture above.

The Green Mask

gruene Maske

die verschiedenen Teile der gruenen Maske
As with the last two masks, simply print this one and cut all of the Grey areas out.

gruene Maske in der Seitenansicht
The Top piece is cut along the wedge. After doing so, stick both of the resulting halves together. This gives the mask its characteristic shape.
This angle shows the shape of the mask.

gruene Maske in der Draufsicht mit Kordel
The hairpiece is made using Black cardboard. Cut along the specified lines an then roll each individual lock inwards. After that, stick the hairpiece to the forehead part on the inner side of the mask. The mouth and ears are made using Red - the eyebrows using Black - Cardboard and then stuck to the proper areas of the mask. The eyes are coloured White using Pelikan PLAKA colours. In the final step, attach the string to the mask as it was done in the previous examples.
From the wearers viewpoint: The string is attached to the ears of the mask.

All of the masks differ in appearance. With the Black mask the wearer looks through the mouthpiece. Many variations of the three masks are possible. It is important to let the imagination run free whilst doing so.

We hope you enjoy!