Stone of the month

This months stone of the month has transformed itself into a "July Beetle".

Stone of the month

Niedersächsiches Landesmuseum Hannover

Prepared in collaboration with the Lower Saxons regional museum of Hanover

This months stone of the month has transformed itself into a "July Beetle". This interesting insect is very noticeable through its golden designs. The head area shows an obvious complementary contrast which is easily noticeable due to the brightness of Pelikan's PLAKA colours. For those who want to learn more about this type of contrast we would recommend the of Pelikan's circle of colour. The circle of colour is also available to download. Now let the fun with our "July Beetle" begin.

PLAKA Bronze colours make the stone look far more precious.

First draw the basic forms of the beetle on the stone. The middle of the stone should be determined by measuring in advance to guarantee symmetry. The Pelikan PLAKA colours are then applied one shade at a time. It is better to let each individual colour dry first in order to prevent the colours running into one another.

PLAKA bronze colours add a special decorative feel. By simply adding lines or dots, the stone looks more precious. Single dots are intensified by adding a gold lining.

After finishing colouring the whole stone with Pelikan PLAKA colours, place it aside and leave to dry. Whilst waiting, the work on a further stone can begin.

For the final touch, add a coat of Pelikan PLAKA varnish to the stone. By doing so, the stone can later be left in the sun without any danger of the colours fading.