Mother's Day
Napkin Rings For Breakfast

On Mother's Day, comfort has priority and might begin with a nicely decorated breakfast table. On this wonderful day, cardboard rolls might become practical napkin rings.

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Mother's Day: Napkin Rings For Breakfast

On this special day, mothers should be spoiled and pampered. Why not start the day with a specially decorated breakfast table. To this purpose, cardboard rolls are transformed into practical serviette rings. Another advantage is that the rings can be used for the next celebration with a different inscription.


Here's how:

  • Cut the rolls to pieces of the desired size and paint the outside with the chalkboard paint.
  • Paint the rings on the inside with Plaka-glazing in a colour which matches the serviettes.
  • Now decorate the rings with little hearts. Either use ready-made hearts or print out the downloaded template and paint the shapes with Plaka-glazing in red. Stick the hearts with PELIFIX all-purpose-glue to the outside of the ring.
  • Alternatively, the paint used on the inside could be used for decoraton on the outside. Choose a motif or perhaps just paint the rims. Let your fantasy run wild.
  • To finish, write a name on the rings. For members of the family, use a white Wonderliner which is permanent. For special days or for guests, use blackboard chald for the inscription which can be wiped off. In this way, the rings can be used for many different occasions.