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Pretty paper with markers

Pretty paper with marker. An idea by Katrin Löwe.

Your ideas: Pretty paper with markers

An idea by Katrin Löwe

This is how beautiful the colored paper look!

You need:

Filter paper (white coffee filters), Pelikan Colorella Duo markers, toilet paper or paper towels, glass of water

What to do:

1. Cut out a nice shape from the filter paper, e.g. a star, or like we have, a flower.

2. Cut an x-shaped hole in the middle and color several different nice patterns onto the filter paper with the Colorella Duo markers, the more colourful the better. Take two pieces of toilet paper and roll them up tightly.


3. Take two pieces of toilet paper and roll them up tightly.

4. Then stick the paper roll through the x-shaped hole so that it looks like a small umbrella.

5. Dunk the long end (toilet paper) of the umbrella in a glass or water.

6. The water will be soaked up by the toilet paper and after a while it will reach the filter paper.
Tip: Set the cup of water on a wipeable surface to prevent a mess.

Now the students can sit back and watch in amazement what happens to the filter paper and the colors of the markers. The filter paper can be dried and hung up.