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A color race with markers!

A color race with markers!. An idea by Dorit Jost.

Your ideas: a color race with markers!

Nach einer Idee von Dorit Jost

An idea by Dorit Jost

You need:

White filter paper, Colorella Duo markers, a pipette, a glass of water, a plastic soap retainer

What to do:

  1. Draw colorful spots onto the filter paper.
  2. Drip water on the spots with the pipette.

Now you can watch the color-race

Watch the spots closely and see in what other colors the marker spots change. This is what scientists call "chromatics". This experiment is especially interesting with the color black. You will see that the black will come out as different shades of blue. In the process of manufacture, they are covered by the black paint, so basically they already have been present before.


A plastic soap retainer offers a nice add-on to the color-race project. Simply turn it around and fill the nubs from the backside with the pipette and place your filter paper on it. The water will be soaked up from different places all at a time. Working with the pipette and filling the nubs will support the students’ motor functions and will also be a lot of fun to them.

Plastic soap retainer; normally the nubs prevent the retainer from slipping.