Writing Instruments with Perfection

For a long time, writing was the only way to record language permanently. Today, various technical achievements put us into the position to express our thoughts in many different ways. Nevertheless - or perhaps exactly for this reason - the fascination that springs from handwritten manuscripts remains unabated up to the present day. It is one’s own handwriting, one’s own way of writing, which supplements words with deepness, and enriches formulations with that special, personal touch.

Exclusive Fountain Pens, Ballpoint Pens and Much More

As unique as handwritings are, so are the demands on the perfect writing instrument. Therefore, our collections also include - apart from fountain pens - rollerball pens, mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens.

Our decades of experience in the development of exclusive writing instruments, run through every model of the house of Pelikan. Masterful craftsmanship from around the world, combined with precious decorations made by renowned designers, is what guarantees you a writing experience beyond comparison.

Pelikan: Gifts for the Esthetes and Appreciators of High-Quality Writing Instruments

Writing instruments made by Pelikan are appreciated all over the world, by collectors, as well as by enthusiasts of refined writing culture. Due to the unique symbiosis of quality and esthetic, our selected writing instruments are highly popular, elegant gifts for special occasions in life.

We would be happy to help you look for an adequate gift with our gift ideas. Here you will find a suitable writing instrument for every occasion, be it a special birthday, a graduation or father's day.